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How can we help?

At swopped have endeavoured to make swopping your clothes as simple as possible however we understand there are many questions you may want answers to, we have written so responses to the most popular questions below. If your question is not below please email us at help@swopped.co.uk

What is Swopped?

Swopped is a new way to swop clothes which enables you to keep your wardrobe fresh!!

Why should I register with Swopped.co.uk?

Whilst non-members are free to browse items from the site, as a registered user you can refresh your wardrobe by swopping clothes for items that you’ll love.

Who runs Swopped?

Swopped.co.uk is run by a small team based in Surrey (United Kingdom) and owned by Swopped LTD, a registered company.

How do I de-register or unsubscribe?

Registered members can unsubscribe in My Account > My Subscription by pressing the cancel subscription button. Like we say there is no pressure to stay subscribed however we hope you’ll the benefits to become a lifelong member

How it Works

I've seen something I like but I don't have any or enough credits – can I buy it?

All our items are sold via credits, if you don’t have enough credits you can buy credits by going to My Account and clicking the buy credits button.

Why has my item been rejected?

a) At Upload: the most likely reason is we think the item will be of limited interest or value to other users. It may also be that your upload lacks sufficient detail for us to be able to assess it properly, or your item does not meet our Swopping Guidelines. Although it may be rejected for swopping we will always offer you credits to recycle items.

b) On Receipt: the most likely reason is that is differs from the upload details you provided or does not meet our quality controls (eg. repair and cleanliness standards) or our other Swopping Guidelines.

What payment methods do you accept?

Payment can be made securely online through Paypal which can process credit/debit card payments even if you don’t have an account with them.

Why is an item I uploaded available for more than I received?

Swopped.co.uk will try in the majority of instances to value an item on the site for what we gave the previous owner, however if we have had to do any work to the item (iron,steam,sew,clean) it will be on the site for more than you received. Please ensure your items are cleaned and ironed before sending to minimise this.

How can I keep track of the items I’ve uploaded or sent to you?

You can check an item’s status at any time under My Account > Swops.

What if I decide not to send my item to you?

No problem, pre-approved uploads will be deleted from the system after 30 days in absence of receipt.

If I register, will my privacy be compromised?

We take your concerns about privacy very seriously and have strict procedures in place to protect your personal information and ensure it is handled in a responsible manner. Please see our privacy policy for more info.

How do I upload an item? Swopform

Uploading items is quick and easy. After checking our Swopped Guidelines, simply fill in our Swop or Quick Swop form:

  1. a) Swop form with Photos – to get the best Credit estimate please use our Swop form  – please fill in all fields and include a photo as this helps us to assess your item and give you the best possible offer.

On submission, we will try to review your item within one working day, and give you a Credit Offer – you will be able to see these offers in My Account > Swops. Once you have received and are happy with our Credit Offer(s) please package your item, and go to send my swop section in your account on how to send your swops to us. On receipt we will credit your account after checking over your items

  1. b) Swop Form no Photos – if you are in a hurry or don’t have photos you can use our Quick Swop system – fill out the Swop form and dont attach any photos, then package your item, and go to send my swop section in your account on how to send your swops to us

On receipt we will credit your account instantly after checking over your items

I've uploaded an item I want to swop but I can't see it on the site – why?

Items only go live on the site when they have been approved, received and processed by us. This allows us to check the item, and add photos and further information if necessary.

Why do I need to send the item(s) to you?

In contrast to other swopping websites, all items are sent to and dispatched by us. As well as eliminating fraudsters, inaccurate listings and exaggeration, it ensures all items can be quality checked by us and held in stock for fast and efficient dispatch.

How and where do I send my item(s)?

Once you have received your Credit Offer filled out a swop form with no photos simply go to myaccount>send my swop for more details on how to send your item.

All paid members get 1 pre paid postage label available once a month in your account. Once you have used this you will need to pay for postage yourself.

You can package up to 2kg of clothing using this pre paid label. If you have over this you will need to send more than one package.

Please ensure you always tell us who it is from by either writing sender information on the package or in the package itself.

When paying for your own postage please use only the Royal mail as we currently operate via PO box. Other couriers will NOT deliver to our PO box. If you need to use another courier you can just please email us at info@swopped.co.uk to get our office address to send to.

What do you do once you receive my item(s)?

For Swop items, we check it matches your description and photo, and our Swopping Guidelines, and confirm the amount of credits you will receive. For  Quick Swop items, we assess these on receipt and credit your account (this would be the same amount as filing out a Swop form with photos, but is just quicker for you)– we then upload the items through our product admin interface.

Please note: if any items are disapproved on final inspection / receipt, you need to contact us if you would like them returned (this will normally be at your own cost, however we may be able to return them free of charge or for a small additional charge with an order). Please note that items will be donated or otherwise disposed of after 30 days in absence of a return request.

How do I know you've received my item(s) and I can start spending my credits?

Once we receive and check your item(s), we will email you and your account will be awarded with the relevant amount of credits. Depending how long it takes to receive your items, this may take between 2-4 working days. If you don’t get notification by this time, please email help@swopped.co.uk.

How do I pay for delivery? How does Deliver Later and 2 step check out work?

Once you have added your clothing items to your cart and proceed to checkout you have 2 options for delivery.

Option 1 is to pay for delivery at this point which means completing the 2 step check out process,

-Step 1 – Checkout your clothes using your credits, once this is complete it will take you to step 2.

-Step 2 – Checkout and pay for delivery, if for any reason you leave this step without paying for delivery your order will be cancelled and items will be put back into the shop for other customers to purchase.

Option 2 – ‘delivery later’. at checkout of your clothes there is is toggle button which allows you to opt for ‘Deliver Later’

this option allows you to check out your clothes using your credits, this order will sit in your account under ‘orders awaiting delivery’ you can add more items of clothes, up to 10, to this order using the same process for 14 days. After 14 days if you don’t pay for delivery your order will be cancelled. This is the green option and money saving option as it reduces the amount of deliveries Swopped makes.

When you are ready for your order(s) in ‘orders awaiting delivery’ to be delivered simply go to ‘orders awaiting delivery’ in your account and hit the ‘deliver now’ button, this will take you through to pay for delivery, once delivery has been paid for you will need to go back in to ‘orders awaiting delivery’ and hit ‘deliver now’ button again to confirm the delivery.


How much does delivery cost?

Delivery costs are £3.49 on orders from our site to anywhere in the UK for members and £5.49 for non members, charges apply per delivery outside the UK.

Why might high value orders be sent by Signed For delivery?

High value orders may be sent via signed for delivery to ensure full tracking is available

Why is Europe and International Delivery subject to availability?

This is because our shipping provider Royal Mail only delivers to certain countries. If your country isn’t covered, we’ll try to ship using an alternative provider but your order maybe subject to delays or additional charges.


What are ‘Credits’?

Credits are swop credits which members receive for the items they send to us for listing on the site. These credits can be used to order other items from the site. The amount awarded for each item is based on its condition, value when new and demand for similar items.

Is my Credit offer always the amount I will receive?

Generally if your item meets all our quality criteria and Swopped Guidelines, you will receive within small margins of original amount of credits offered. Picture quality can sometimes mean our valuations are too low or too high, if this is more than 15 credits either way we will contact you before crediting.

Is there a time limit to spend my credits?

Put simply, no there is no time limit. Please note that there is no actual cash value for Credits – unused credits cannot be paid back to you in cash.


I’ve changed my mind – can you return the item(s) I sent you?

Once an item has been received and processed we are unable to return it, however, to repatriate your item please add it to your basket and check out in the normal way.

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