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Then tape to your packaged item! Or copy and write on your package if you don’t want to waste paper. But don’t forget to write your full name on the package so we can process it quicker!

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Send it away!

Post your item to us (once you have accepted the valuation) at the address on the PDF you have copied or stuck to your item. You’ll need to pay for postage and packaging, but don’t panic – we’ve got your back! After being subscribed for 1 month you’ll receive credit to use in store for any future postage you pay for.

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what happens next

So…what now?

Recieve a valuation

Once you have accepted your valuation in My account>Swops, package up your item and send it to our headquarters! We’ll let you know when we have it!

Get Credit

Once we have your item we’ll check it over and then add the credit to your account!

Spend it!

Take a look around our store and start swopping. Purchase an item with your credits then if you get bored of it, just swop it right back to us!

How do I know you've received my item(s)?

Once we receive and check your item(s), the status will change and your account will be awarded with the relevant amount of credits. You should receive an email notifying you of this, but if not, you can check an item’s status at any time in My Account > Swops. Depending how long it takes to receive your items, this may take between 2-4 working days. If you don’t get notification by this time, please email help@swopped.co.uk.

What do you do once you receive my item(s)?

For Swop items, we check it matches your description and photo, and our Swopping Guidelines, and confirm the amount of credits you will receive. For Quick Swop items, we assess these on receipt and email you with a Credit Offer – once this has been agreed we credit your account and upload the items through our product admin interface.

Please note: if any items are disapproved on final inspection / receipt, you need to contact us if you would like them returned (this will normally be at your own cost, however we may be able to return them free of charge or for a small additional charge with an order). Please note that items will be donated or otherwise disposed of after 30 days in absence of a return request.

I've seen something I like but I don't have any or enough credits?

All our items are sold via credits, if you don’t have enough credits you can buy credits by going to My Account and clicking the buy credits button

What are ‘Credits’?

Credits are swop credits which members receive for the items they send to us for listing on the site. These credits can be used to order other items from the site. The amount awarded for each item is based on its condition, value when new and demand for similar items.

Why do I need to send the item(s) to you?

In contrast to other swopping websites, all items are sent to and dispatched by us. As well as eliminating fraudsters, inaccurate listings and exaggeration, it ensures all items can be quality checked by us and held in stock for fast and efficient dispatch.

I’ve changed my mind – can you return the item(s) I sent you?

Once an item has been received and processed we are unable to return it however to repatriate your item please add it to your basket and check out in the normal way.