Get Something “New”

Here at Swopped we’re all about “new-to-you”. Instead of buying new clothes you can send unwanted ones to us and swap out new ones. Then if you get bored of your swapped clothes you can swap them again!

We take all the difficult stuff out of swapping clothes with other people, simply send them to us and browse our store. It’s that simple.

Clothes swapping made easy – Swap in Swap out again and again, use us like a wadrobe.

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what is swopped?

How it works


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Take a pic

Send us a few pictures of your item so we can give you a credit evaluation.

Send it

Package up your item and send it to our headquarters! We’ll let you know when we have it!

Get credit

Once we have your item we’ll put the credits in your account ready to spend in our store.

How to Submit a Swop Form

If you don’t want (or aren’t able) to upload photo’s, you can use our Quick Swop system. You will get the same fair value for your item as a normal Swop, without having to take photos and write descriptions!

The only difference is, we give you a credit valuation of your product as soon as we receive it (rather than ahead of time). Just make sure the item coheres to our guidelines before you send it!