Swopped.co.uk is only for women’s clothing in adult sizes.


All items sent to Swopped.co.uk should be new, or nearly new.

As yourself the question would your best friend want to borrow it? if the answer is YES then that is the quality we are looking for!

Other main points, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE:

  • make sure the items are freshly laundered and ironed, and spotlessly clean, inside and out
  • in absolute good repair – no broken (or breaking) zips, loose / missing buttons, loose sequins or beading, loose stitching, rips, tears, fabric pulls or holes, disintegrating seams or hems
  • lint, fluff & pet hair free!

Items which don’t meet these guidelines will be disapproved or later rejected after closer inspection. Items which are miss-described will also be rejected or devalued.

Please note: If an item is initially approved but then subsequently disapproved due to it being miss-described or failing to meet our guidelines, then the cost of returning these items will be at your expense. You need to contact us within 30 days if you would like your item returned. Items will be recycled or donated after 30 days.


Sometimes we receive garments that are totally wearable but have a minor imperfection. Whether it’s a tiny snag, a faint stain or a missing button, at our discretion, we may accept a garment and mark it as “imperfect.”

Imperfect garments have an asterisk in front of the brand name to make them easy to identify. Specific details about the flaw will be in the product listing. (Usually, these flaws are too small to be visible in the product photos.) These items will have lower points due to the condition being beyond “gently used.”