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Then tape to your packaged item! Or copy and write on your package if you don’t want to waste paper. But don’t forget to write your full name on the package so we can process it quicker!

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Post your item to us at the address on the PDF you have copied or stuck to your item. You’ll need to pay for packaging, but don’t panic – we’ve got your back! After being subscribed for 1 month you’ll receive credit to use in store for any future postage you pay for.

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Why do we recycle?

Swopped was born from the idea that the love to shop for new clothes never goes away, but with the consent need for new fashion we are damaging the environment. Swopped offers to fill that need for new fashion while also reducing the need to manufacture as many new clothes.

What is Swopped?

Swopped is a new way to swop clothes which enables you to keep your wardrobe fresh!!

Why should I register with Swopped.co.uk?

Whilst non-members are free to browse items from the site, as a registered user you can refresh your wardrobe by swopping clothes for items that you’ll love.

Who runs Swopped.co.uk?

Swopped.co.uk is run by a small team based in Surrey (United Kingdom) and owned by Swopped LTD, a registered company.

How do I de-register or unsubscribe?

Registered members can unsubscribe in My Account > My Subscription by pressing the cancel subscription button. Like we say there is no pressure to stay subscribed however we hope you’ll the benefits to become a lifelong member