5 Reasons Swopping Is Better Than Shopping

1. It’s Cheaper

Swopped swaps, a small membership fee is the only money you spend. Members now get 1 free pre-paid label to send your swops in per month

However you now need to pay a small fee for delivery to you, don’t worry though you can group all your deliveries before paying. This will save you money as well as making Swopped and yourself even greener with less postage, without missing out on your favourite items!

When shopping on the high street you’re looking at £50 for a new outfit, at least. Our clothes swaps include both high street and designer clothing, so you could be getting a huge bargain in exchange for items that were gathering dust at the back of your closet.

Even at a charity shop or jumble sale you’d struggle to get 10 items for £5!


2. It’s Environmentally Friendly The fast fashion industry that creates high street clothing is devastating for the environment. The biggest issue is the use of vital resources such as water whilst also polluting the earth by releasing dangerous chemicals into the atmosphere.

By regularly buying new clothes you’re encouraging the production as there is an increasing demand for clothes made in this way.

Clothes swaps divert perfectly usable and lovely items from unnecessarily ending up in our overflowing landfills. By swapping instead of shopping, you help to keep items of clothing in use for longer. According to research by WRAP, extending the useful life of your clothing by 9 months reduces its carbon, water and waste footprints by around 20% each.


3. It Avoids Supporting an Unethical Industry

Garment workers aren’t usually treated well in the fashion industry. When you buy new clothes you’re putting more money in the pockets of companies who often force their workers to work unbearably long days in dangerous and uncomfortable conditions, for wages that barely allow them to put food on the table.

However, the clothes you get in a clothes swap aren’t guaranteed to have been ethically made, you’re still getting them secondhand, meaning that you’re not

contributing to an unethical industry which puts profit before people. That means you’re supporting sustainable businesses having an eco-friendly attitude to the environment.


4. It’s More Fun

Swopped community is relaxed and fun with us always engaging with our swoppers educating our followers on all things sustainable. Clothes swopping is all about the thrill of finding hidden gems. If you’re a bargain hunter, you will LOVE clothes swaps!

As you’re not spending any money on the clothes there’s less pressure to play it safe. At clothes swaps, people often find themselves trying clothes they wouldn’t usually consider, and end up totally rocking them.



5. It Cuts the Wardrobe Clutter

Nearly a third of the clothes in the average UK wardrobe haven’t been worn in over a year – what a huge amount! Clothes swaps are the perfect way to refresh your wardrobe whilst also decluttering it too. When swapping you give away the things you don’t want and gain the things you do, while not increasing the number of garments in your wardrobe – how amazing is that?! It can be stressful with a cluttered house and wardrobe so why not give swopped a try and de stress yourself and de clutter your home. Like what you hear and ready to try out swapping for yourself? Check out swopped.co.uk where we have a range of different clothing to help keep your wardrobe fresh whilst saving the environment.


We look forward to swapping with you soon!