Benefits Of Clothes Swapping

Clothes swapping is simple concept where people exchange the clothes that they don’t use with clothes that they would love to use. Clothes Swapping has gained a lot of popularity in the last three decades. Some of its popularity stems from the fact that it is an eco-friendly practice. Its eco-friendly nature is however just one of the benefits of clothes swapping. Let’s take a look at some of the other benefits of clothes swapping.

It Is Cost-Effective

Clothes swapping costs exceptionally less than buying new clothes. You don’t have to spend hundreds of dollars on high-quality clothes when you can get the same clothes at a clothes swap meetings.

It Helps The Environment

One of the most important benefits of clothes swapping is that it is great for the environment. In the present day, the world has become increasingly focused on eco-friendly and recyclable products. If people can get similar type of clothes at a lower price at clothes swapping events then they would definitely prefer clothes swapping over buying new clothes. Clothes swapping helps you decrease the garbage at landfills. In addition to that, clothes swapping also result in lower industry production of clothes which eventually decreases pollution.

A large proportion of natural resources are used in the production of clothes. Billions of pieces of garments are wasted every year which then fills up landfills and causes air and land pollution. In addition to reducing pollution swapping clothes can also help in saving water. Clean drinking water is scarce. It is actually a luxury for people living in remote areas however in the industrialized countries 7000 litres of water is used in the production of a single pair of jeans. So when people shift from buying new clothes to swapping clothes, a lot of water is saved.

Clothes Swapping Events Help Raise Funds For Charity

Clothes swapping started in the 90s as a charity event. A lot of clothes swapping charity events are held these days as well. People can donate the clothes they don’t like which can then be exchanged for charitable donations. It is a very effective way to raise money for charity.

Optimize Your Wardrobe

If you feel like you never have anything to wear in your wardrobe then maybe it’s time for you to update your wardrobe. You can swap some of your old and unwanted clothes with clothes that you would love to wear.  Swapping clothes with other people can help you stack up your wardrobe with your favourite types of clothes. If you buy the same suit or dress from an outlet, it would cost you 90% more as compared to swapping clothes.

Clothes Swapping Trends

As mentioned earlier, clothes swapping started in the 1990s. It is not a new concept however like every other thing in this world; technology has made it easier for people to swap clothes. Swopped is a specialized platform that is designed for the purpose of swapping clothes. Take the hassle out of clothes swapping with other people and swap directly with swopped to make an instant swap!